We help clients to grow their businesses as rapidly as possible. Here are the results that we have achieved over the last 12 months.

Data last updated: 22/07/2018


Total Clients 19
Average Revenue £249,427
Max Revenue £1,320,620
Min Revenue £16,881
Average Staff (Estimated) 4
Industries Agriculture, Automotive, Beauty, Business Services, Creative, Consultancy, Construction, E-commerce, Energy, Hospitality, Property, Technology.

Revenue Growth

Average Revenue Growth (%) 58.58%
Average Revenue Growth (£) £70,718
Total Revenue Growth (Sum of All Clients) £1,047,739
Max Revenue Growth (%) 137.31%
Min Revenue Growth (%) 3.01%

Profit Growth

Average Profit Growth (£) £48,875
Total Profit Growth (Sum of All Clients) £506,935
Max Profit Growth £95,831
Min Profit Growth -£15,937