We help clients to grow their businesses as rapidly as possible. Here are the results that we achieve.

Average Client Business Growth

Growth in business typically refers to increasing turnover. The graph below shows the average turnover increase that our clients enjoy after 12 months of working with us.

For example, if a business turned over £100k in the 12 months before working with us, assuming they grew as an average client, we would expect them to be turning over £153k a year later.

We calculate on a rolling 12 month basis to standardise for seasonality. We report percentage changes to allow meaningful comparisons between bigger and smaller clients. This data includes all of our results – high performers and slower performers.

Average Non-Financial Improvement

Some of the work we do with clients doesn’t necessarily result in an immediate increase in turnover. For example, reducing risk.

We measure changes in non-financial performance every quarter (three months) using our business health check, and report the cumulative change over time, as shown in the following graph.

Within a short amount of time we started to see massive improvements. We could not have achieved the revenue increases we saw without Hooke & Co. Business Strategy.

Ricky Moore – Scoots W2W