Business Growth Service

Our Business Growth Service helps small businesses to grow.

We do this by giving small business owners two things:

1. Advice

2. Accountability


Knowledge Gap

Being an expert in a product or service doesn’t automatically make you an expert business owner. Our Business Growth Service fills this gap.


Problems in small businesses can be complicated. Our advice cuts through the complexity and helps you to focus on the actions that deliver results.


It’s not always possible to talk to family, friends or colleagues about your business. You can discuss your worries with us in complete privacy.

More Revenue

Increasing revenue is key to business growth. We break this down into marketing, sales, repeat business, and pricing – and advise on all.

More Profit

A profitable business needs to do more than just control costs. More profit depends on staff, systems, processes and risk. We advise on all of these.

More Cash

Some small businesses struggle to turn their profits into cash in the bank. We advise on cash best practices, especially receivables and tax.


The advice that we give is underpinned by meticulous analysis. We use our own unique Client Portal system to do this (see below for details).

More Clients

We work with more clients and charge everyone less money. More clients means more data. More data means better advice.

Our Results

We judge success by increasing client revenue, net profit and cash. Summary results are below. Full results are here. Clients testimonials are here.


Too Busy

Business growth depends on the right balance between urgent matters and important longer-term actions. We help you to get the balance right.


Sometimes the most important actions are also the most boring or unpleasant. A polite nudge from us tends to make things happen more quickly!

Business Growth Meetings

We meet with all our clients once or twice per month. We review financial performance, provide advice and hold our clients to account.


During our meetings actions are agreed with our clients. At the next meeting we review the actions list to ensure progress is being made.

Same Time And Day

We meet with our clients at the same time and day every month. If you need to move a meeting you can do so via our online booking system.


Currently all meetings are being run remotely via Join.me. Clients will be welcome to return to our office when government guidance permits.

Client Portal

All Business Growth Service clients have their own client portal, which contains their business data. Our secure cloud-based system includes:

* Financials
* Key performance indicators
* Trended data
* Benchmarks
* Tax estimates
* Best practices


Average client turnover increase (£) after one year:


Average client turnover increase (%) after one year:


Average client net profit increase (£) after one year:


Couldn’t recommend Francis and the team highly enough. They gained a very quick understanding of my business plan and pushed me in directions I would not have otherwise considered. They also helped get my sales pipeline organised and I am now able to quickly analyse every aspect of my business pipeline for effective planning and resourcing.


Graham Frawley

Azuri Car Care Ltd

Graham Frawley

We’ve been trading for 25-years and doing very well, but with thanks to input from We Grow Businesses over the last 2-years we have grown and continue to grow significantly. Like 40%!!! … Starting to work with We Grow Businesses is the best decision I’ve made in a very long time and I would recommend any other small businesses to do the same!


Melanie Lord

AVS VAT Consultancy Ltd

Melanie Lord


Option 1

✔ One Meeting Per Month
✔ Client Portal
✔ Ad Hoc Support

£200 Per Month (Ex. VAT)

Option 2

✔ Two Meetings Per Month
✔ Client Portal
✔ Ad Hoc Support

£350 Per Month (Ex. VAT)

Flexibility and Peace of Mind

Change Option

We offer two options. Choose the option that suits you best. Upgrade or downgrade whenever you like.

Cancel Anytime

Pay for services one month at a time, and cancel at any point – just tell us before the start of next month.

100% Satisfaction

If you are unhappy for any reason then we will simply refund your fees for the previous month.

No Suprises

You will never be charged for anything that you haven’t agreed to. No nasty surprises.

If you are interested in working with us then book a Free Growth Health Check.

If you have any questions about our Business Growth Service then please contact us.