Business Growth Service

Running and growing a small business can be a fantastic experience!

However, there are times when small business owners don’t get the results they want.

This is when our Business Growth Service can really help.

Why is it Difficult to Grow a Small Business?

Knowledge Gap

Most people start a business because they become an expert in a product or service. But being an expert in a product or service doesn’t automatically make you an expert business owner. For example, you can be a great chef, but that doesn’t automatically make you a great restaurant owner. They are two different activities that need different skills and knowledge.

Too Busy

When people start a business there is often plenty of time to do everything that needs to be done. As you become more successful and have more customer/client work to deliver, so there are less hours available in the day to do things like improving systems. With less time available to improve things, it can take months or even years to make a small amount of progress.


Even if you have family, friends and staff around you, it’s not always possible to talk to them about your business problems. Running and growing a small business can be a very tough thing to do, and this can take its toll. You can feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, and at times you can feel like you have the weight on the world on your shoulders.

What is the Solution?

Our Business Growth Service is a simple, flexible and low-cost way to overcome the problems that hold you back.

We meet with you once or twice a month – either face-to-face or online.

Business Growth Meeting

Knowledge Shared

Every month we review your business performance with you. We begin with your financials and key performance indicators such as your leads and sales. We use graphs and benchmarks to help you to understand how your business compares to other small businesses. As we discuss your business we share knowledge, e.g. how to generate more leads.

Held to Account

At our meetings we review plans and agree a prioritised list of actions. We think carefully about what you spend your time doing to cut waste, improve efficiency and delegate where possible. Agreeing actions creates a sense of accountability, which accelerates progress. We help you strike the right balance between working ‘in your business’ and ‘on your business’.

Problems Solved

Our meetings give you a chance to discuss whatever business problems are on your mind. We then work together to solve your problem and move your business forwards. Whilst every business is unique, the problems that small business owners face are rarely brand new. The chances are we’ve seen your problem before and know how to solve it.

What Results Do You Get?

Average client turnover increase (£) after one year:


Average client turnover increase (%) after one year:


Average client net profit increase (£) after one year:


Couldn’t recommend Francis and the team highly enough. They gained a very quick understanding of my business plan and pushed me in directions I would not have otherwise considered. They also helped get my sales pipeline organised and I am now able to quickly analyse every aspect of my business pipeline for effective planning and resourcing.


Graham Frawley

Azuri Car Care Ltd

Graham Frawley

We’ve been trading for 25-years and doing very well, but with thanks to input from We Grow Businesses over the last 2-years we have grown and continue to grow significantly. Like 40%!!! … Starting to work with We Grow Businesses is the best decision I’ve made in a very long time and I would recommend any other small businesses to do the same!


Melanie Lord

AVS VAT Consultancy Ltd

Melanie Lord

What Does it Cost?

Option 1 – One Meeting Per Month

The best option if you’re keen to grow, but are struggling with workload and time pressure.

£200 Per Month
(Ex. VAT)


✔ 1 x One Hour Meeting Per Month
✔ Ad Hoc Support
✔ Advanced Tools
✔ Free Accounting System Setup

Option 2 – Two Meetings Per Month

The best option if you are able to take on more actions, and therefore make faster progress.

£350 Per Month
(Ex. VAT)


✔ 2 x One Hour Meetings Per Month
✔ Ad Hoc Support
✔ Advanced Tools
✔ Free Accounting System Setup

Free Accounting System Setup

Free Accounting System Setup

Accounting systems are key to business growth. If you don’t have one then we’ll help to set one up – for free.

The system that we recommend is Xero.

Terms and conditions apply.

What is Included?

One Hour Meeting

A one-hour meeting that drives your performance, shares knowledge and solves your problems.

Ad Hoc Support

Telephone or email whenever you need support with growing your small business. Fair use policy applies.

Accounting System Setup

Accounting systems are key to business growth. If you don’t have one then we’ll help to set one up.

Advanced Tools

If you have an accounting system (e.g. Xero) then we can graph, trend and benchmark your business.

Flexibility and Peace of Mind

Change Option

We offer three options. Choose the option that suits you best. Upgrade or downgrade whenever you like.

Cancel Anytime

Pay for services one month at a time, and cancel at any point – just tell us before the start of next month.

100% Satisfaction

If you are unhappy for any reason then we will simply refund your fees for the previous month.

No Suprises

You will never be charged for anything that you haven’t agreed to. No nasty surprises.

If you are interested in working with us then booking a Free Growth Health Check is the next step for most people.

If you have any questions about our Business Growth Service then please don’t hesitate to contact us.