Business Growth Service

Running and growing a small business can give you a fantastic life – freedom, money, adventure and more.

However, there are times when small business owners don’t get the results they want. This is when our Business Growth Service can help.

Why Don’t Small Business Owners Get The Results They Want?

Training / Knowledge

You can be a great chef, but that doesn’t automatically make you a great restaurant owner. They are two different activities that need different skills and knowledge. As Jamie Oliver has found out!

Most people start a business first, and then learn to run it later. The demands on you have changed – but your skills haven’t kept up.

Too Busy

As you become more successful and have more work to deliver, so there are less hours available in the day to do things like improving systems. With less time available to set up a new system, it can take months or even years to make a small amount of progress.

The only way out is to work smarter – not harder.

Emotionally Drained

Running and growing a small business can be a very tough thing to do. Emotions like anxiety, confusion and fear are felt by small business owners from one day to the next.

This all takes its toll. Emotional exhaustion will often manifest as poor productivity – leaving small business owners unable to make decisions, and unable to get things done.

So What is the Solution?

Business Growth Service

Our Business Growth Service is a simple, flexible and low-cost way to accelerate your business growth

We work with our clients to boost their knowledge on how to run and grow a small business. We help our clients to find the right balance between delivering work for customers and improving their businesses. We give our clients clarity and direction to overcome problems, reducing the emotional burden.

We offer three service levels, with varying levels of support. You choose the option that is right for you.

Monthly Meeting

A one-hour meeting that measures your performance, gives you advice and holds you to account.

Ad Hoc Support

Telephone or email whenever you need support with growing your small business. Fair use policy applies.

Advanced Tools

If you have an accounting system (e.g. Xero) then we can graph, trend and benchmark your business.

Mid-Month Meeting

An additional one-hour meeting. We go into more detail to help you grow your business even faster.

Level 1

£175 Per Month
(Ex. VAT)


✔ Monthly Meeting
✔ Ad Hoc Support

Level 2

£200 Per Month
(Ex. VAT)


✔ Monthly Meeting
✔ Ad Hoc Support
✔ Advanced Tools

Level 3

£300 Per Month
(Ex. VAT)


✔ Monthly Meeting
✔ Ad Hoc Support
✔ Advanced Tools
✔ Mid-Month Meeting

Average client turnover increase (£) after one year:


Average client turnover increase (%) after one year:


Average client net profit increase (£) after one year:


Change Level

We offer three service levels. Choose the level that suits you best. Change your level whenever you like.

Cancel Anytime

Pay for services one month at a time, and cancel at any point – just tell us before the start of next month.

100% Satisfaction

If you are unhappy for any reason then we will simply refund your fees for the previous month.

No Suprises

You will never be charged for anything that you haven’t clearly agreed to. No nasty surprises. Ever.

Couldn’t recommend Francis and the team highly enough. They gained a very quick understanding of my business plan and pushed me in directions I would not have otherwise considered. They also helped get my sales pipeline organised and I am now able to quickly analyse every aspect of my business pipeline for effective planning and resourcing.


Graham Frawley

Azuri Car Care Ltd

Graham Frawley

We’ve been trading for 25-years and doing very well, but with thanks to input from We Grow Businesses over the last 2-years we have grown and continue to grow significantly. Like 40%!!! … Starting to work with We Grow Businesses is the best decision I’ve made in a very long time and I would recommend any other small businesses to do the same!


Melanie Lord

AVS VAT Consultancy Ltd

Melanie Lord

If you are interested in working with us then booking a Free Growth Health Check is the next step for most people.

If you have any questions about our Business Growth Service then please don’t hesitate to contact us.