We Grow Businesses Results

At We Grow Businesses, our aim is to help clients to grow their businesses as rapidly as possible.

Here are the results that our Business Growth Service clients have achieved over the last 12 months.


Total Clients23
Average Revenue£249,427
Max Revenue£1,324,895
Min Revenue£17,419
Average Staff (Estimated)4
IndustriesAgriculture, Automotive, Beauty, Business Services, Creative, Consultancy, Construction, E-commerce, Energy, Hospitality, Property, Technology.

Revenue Growth

Average Revenue Growth (%)58.58%
Average Revenue Growth (£)£70,718
Total Revenue Growth (Sum of All Clients)£1,074,506
Max Revenue Growth (%)

This result was achieved by a very small business. Two changes drove this result – first acquiring a large client, and second securing a commission agreement on the supply of goods.

Min Revenue Growth (%)

This result came from a mature business operating in a saturated market. The business has a limited customer catchment area. We are delivering a strategy to diversify into a different service line, which will hopefully yield better revenue growth. In the longer-term we may also explore opening a new branch with a different catchment area.


Profit Growth

Average Profit Growth (£)£46,565
Total Profit Growth (Sum of All Clients)£406,495
Max Profit Growth

This result was achieved by one of our larger clients (as would be expected). It was underpinned by a strong focus on the sales pipeline including up-sell to existing clients.

Min Profit Growth

This result came from a business that hired a member of staff, and that member of staff took longer than expected to perform to a satisfactory level.