Our team have been helping small business owners to grow their businesses and become happier and more confident since June 2013.

We are caring, dedicated and passionate about small business growth.

Francis Hooke

Director and Consultant

Francis Hooke

Francis spent the first decade of his career working in financial services and technology at the Royal Bank of Scotland Group’s investment banking division.

Francis grew dissatisfied with the way the bank was being run, and decided that he didn’t want to be a part of it any more – and resigned.

In 2013 Francis founded WGBL. The aim was to completely new type of consultancy business.

Peter Weir ACA


Peter Weir

Peter holds a degree in Mathematical Sciences from Christ Church College at the University of Oxford. He is also an ACA qualified accountant.

Peter ensures that the financial analysis and tools that we use are exactly as bank managers, investors and accountants would expect.

Peter divides his time between the financial services sector, private ventures and supporting WGBL clients.

Donna Hooke

Growth Support Manager

Donna Hooke

Donna obtained a degree in the arts in the North-East of England.

She quickly decided a life of paid travel was for her. So she embarked on a nine year career with Qantas working as an international flight attendant in First and Business Class.

Donna has clipped her wings since becoming mum to Abi. She now supports the day-to-day operations of WGBL, and is a point of contact for our clients.

Gareth Edwards

Technology Partner

Gareth Edwards

Technology is absolutely key to the service that we provide at WGBL. We load, calculate and analyse thousands of numbers every month.

Gareth is the founder and managing director of Rapid Information Systems Ltd, based in Welwyn Garden City. Rapid provides the portal software that we use with all our clients.

WGBL and Rapid operate a joint venture. Hence we are delighted to include Gareth as part of our team.