Growing a small business can be complicated.

So we break the problem down into three main chunks – win more work, deliver more work and bank more money.

Watch the video for a 90 second introduction. Then scroll down for more detail.

Win More Work

Winning more work is all about marketing, selling and repeat business.

A business won’t survive for long if it doesn’t have any customers. Even if you have some customers, it’s unlikely that they will buy from you forever. So to stay in business you need new customers. If you want to grow your business then you need lots of new customers. But how do we make this happen?

We have to get better at marketing – generating people who are interested in our products or services. We have to convert more people who are interested into customers. And we have to make customers buy from us more often.

Delivering more work includes hiring staff, using customer contracts and working more efficiently.

Find out how small business owners like Tanya Curtis of Curtis Analytics Ltd (pictured) are delivering more and growing their businesses.

Going limited, VAT registration and accounting systems help you to bank more money

Read about how small business owners like Sam Curran of Curran Heating Limited are taking their businesses to the next level by getting better at everything to do with money.

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Knowing how to grow your small business is one thing. Getting it done is another. Our Business Growth Service accelerates your progress.