What do you do?

We Grow Businesses provides a service called the Business Growth Service. We put the best bits of advising, coaching, consulting, mentoring and training into one simple service that accelerates your business growth.

Who do you work with?

We work with small businesses, typically turning over less than £1m per annum. They can be one-man-bands, family businesses, or a business owner plus some employees and / or associates. Our clients tend to be limited company directors. Some of our clients are sole traders / self-employed.

What exactly do you do?

We meet with you once or twice a month – either at our office, or online. We analyse how your business is performing. We benchmark you against other small businesses. We provide advice on how to accelerate growth. We discuss the issues you’re facing, e.g. sales, staff, money, etc. We build simple plans and set targets. We agree actions to be completed by the next meeting.

How do you get small businesses to grow?

Whilst every business is unique the basic principles of growing a business are pretty universal. We focus on winning work, getting work delivered and money – specifically cash and margins. These videos give an overview of how we approach growing businesses.

What industries do you work with?

We work with clients from a wide range of industries. The current list includes: Agriculture, Automotive, Beauty, Business Services, Creative, Consultancy, Construction, E-commerce, Energy, Hospitality, Property, Technology. It tends not to matter which industry you’re in – after all, unpaid invoices are unpaid invoices, regardless of whether you’re in consultancy or construction. Have a look at our client testimonials to get a better idea of who we work with.