Start Month: May 2019 (1 years, 2 months)
Revenue Impact: +£108,131
Net Profit Impact: +£54,273
Cash Impact: +£22,971

In Summary

In this example, our client found a reliable route to market, and then scaled. As evidence was gathered proving that the route to market worked, our client bravely invested more time and money and quickly generated some great results.

In Detail

This client has really started to exploit the potential for digital marketing in their industry. They have made use of the tools and data at their disposal, and continuously improved and refined how they present their services. They have used tools like Hotjar to watch very carefully what visitors to their website do. They have also niched their services, so that what they offer is highly focused towards the audience they want to sell to.

Another strength that this client has displayed is a willingness to spend money on advertising. Some business owners find this a difficult thing to do. Many have had their fingers burned in the past, and are cautious.

We’re not saying that all small business owners should just start throwing money at marketing and miracles will automatically happen. In fact, we’ve seen mixed results with digital marketing – some people have made it work, others haven’t. Digital marketing isn’t suitable for everyone, but where it can be used to good effect the results can be impressive.

Next Steps

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