Free Growth Health Check

Growing a business can be complicated. Our Free Growth Health Check can help. Get expert feedback on your ideas and advice to overcome challenges. Watch our video to see what it’s like.

Face-to-Face or Online

Visit our Business Growth Centre in Stevenage (see video), see your data on a large screen and enjoy time away from your business. Alternatively we can run the health check as a virtual meeting via the internet.

Private and Confidential

Many small businesses are wrestling with personal or sensitive challenges. We use secure systems. Our Business Growth Centre is completely private. The information you share with us is strictly confidential.

No Preparation Needed

Small business owners are often very busy people. Our Free Growth Health Check is therefore simple and quick. All the questions we ask can be answered off the top of your head, so no preparation is needed.

How do you compare?

During your health check we will ask you 14 multiple choice questions. Your scores will be plotted in a circular graph (called a radar diagram), as shown. Your scores are shown in blue.

We have run this exercise with over 200 other small businesses. The average scores of other small businesses are shown in red.

By comparing your scores (in blue) with the scores of other small businesses (in red), we can give you more objective feedback.

We do lots of benchmarking at We Grow Businesses Ltd. Our health check is a great introduction to this technique. We believe that data-backed advice is better than just giving subjective opinions.

Free Growth Health Check Radar

Expertise Shared

We have worked with hundreds of small businesses that have faced a myriad of challenges, and many that have gone on to become very successful. We have many years of expertise that we are delighted to share with you.

No Obligation

Our aim is to make a really positive first impression on you. We demonstrate our expertise and allow you to make up your own mind on whether to work with us. There is absolutely no pressure, obligations or silly behaviour.

Get A Taste

If you’re interested in growing your business then our health check will give you a taste of what it’s like to work with us. It will also give us a chance to learn about you, and evaluate whether we are able to help.

If you would like a Free Growth Health Check then click here to contact us, or use the tool below to browse availability and book online.