Business Growth Service

We Grow Businesses Ltd specialises in growing small businesses. We provide a simple pay-as-you-go subscription service that helps small business owners to rapidly grow their businesses.

How Does It Work?

Our Business Growth Service includes:

Financials and KPIs

We believe that financials and certain key performance indicators are critical to growing a small business. We provide graphs and benchmarking on a wide range of measures via our bespoke client portal system.

Strategy and Plans

We don’t encourage our clients to write lengthy business plans or strategies. Instead, all our clients have a simple Gantt chart plan that maps out the major objectives over the next five years, and the main steps to get there.

Meetings and Accountability

We run two one-hour meetings per month with our clients. Clients visit our Business Growth Centre (pictured above) or use telephone/screenshare. Regular meetings create accountability and lead to faster growth.

Advice and Expertise

We have worked with hundreds of small businesses that have faced a myriad of challenges, and many that have become very successful. We share our expertise, our insights, and act as a sounding board whenever required.

Small Business Systems

We know tried and tested software that can save business owners time, money and can improve the quality of what they do. We help our clients to choose good systems and can often help with the setup and training.

Contacts and Connections

We have worked with small businesses since 2013, and now have hundreds of contacts. We connect our clients with new customers, better suppliers, and people that they can build referral relationships with.

What Results Do You Get?

To calculate the results below, we compare how our clients performed before they started working with us, with how they performed after a year of our support. For more detailed reporting click here.

Average turnover increase after one year:


Average net profit increase after one year:


  • We've been trading for 25-years and doing very well but even though I thought I knew what I was doing, with thanks to WGBL's input over the last 2-years we have grown and continue to grow significantly. Like 40%!!! They have helped us basically smarten up our act in terms of systems and processes which has made a huge difference and we are delighted. Yes it has meant doing some more work but lots of the changes have been done for us by WGBL - so it's like they're part of our team. Each task we commit to doing often gets done at the last minute before the next 2-weekly WGBL meeting but the key thing is, it gets done whereas I just know it wouldn't get done if I wasn't having the WGBL meeting. This whole process helps you work 'on' your business and as a result it grows. It basically helps you avoid putting the wrong things to one side when you're busy. Starting to work with WGBL is the best decision I've made in a very long time and I would recommend any other small businesses to do the same - even if you are already busy as I was - your business could be soooo much better. Trust me!


    Melanie Lord AVS VAT Consultancy Ltd
  • Francis has really helped me to understand and focus on the important parts of the business and to shape my role from being "in" the business to start working "on" the business. Francis is trustworthy, pragmatic and enthusiastic; and I really appreciate his drive to make a difference and help the business grow.


    Amit Wason Creative Business Systems Ltd
  • Couldn't recommend Francis and the team highly enough. They gained a very quick understanding of my business plan and pushed me in directions I would not have otherwise considered. They also helped get my sales pipeline organised and I am now able to quickly analyse every aspect of my business pipeline for effective planning and resourcing.


    Graham Frawley Azuri Car Care Ltd
  • Francis and Donna are a pleasure to work with. We at BeauSynergy have found their attention to detail and new innovative working methods excellent and have seen the business grow since working with them over the last year.


    Richard Bannister Beausynergy Ltd
  • We have worked with Francis and the team at We Grow Businesses for over 18 months now. The changes within our small business have been immense (including a growth in turnover of over 60%). The assistance we receive is invaluable, maintaining our focus, challenging our actions and delivering our goals. We would highly recommend their services.


    Matthew Hoddinott Olyi Ltd
  • We have been working with Francis and the team for just over a year. His advice and insight into the day-to-day running of our business has been invaluable, particularly in the areas of finance, CRM and maintaining our client pipeline. They have offered us extremely useful health checks throughout the year to help us gauge how our business is moving forward. If your business is in need of a gentle nudge forward, I would highly recommend We Grow Businesses Ltd service.


    Duncan Curtis Sunfacer Productions Ltd
  • The business has grown from strength to strength since working with Francis. After having more than doubled our turnover in the last year, we can highly recommend the services of We Grow Businesses Ltd - friendly, adaptable and patient - a truly great working relationship which we are very happy to continue.


    Nilu Bharj NKB Virtual Assistant
  • We Grow Businesses have been vital to our business in the succession of growth and conformance. The expertise and support is first class and I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend them!


    Hannah Rees AIM Sales and Marketing Ltd
  • I've been working with We Grow Businesses for just under a year now and I couldn't be happier. My turnover has increased by 75% and I'm achieving more in my business than I thought possible. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business.


    Duncan Gammie The Wine Service Trainer
  • ★★★★★

    Jeff Clarke Clarke Environmental Solutions Ltd (T/A Energy My Way (Hertfordshire))

How Much Does It Cost?

  • VAT Registered
  • Annual turnover
  • Typical Profile
  • Foundation
    £200 Per Month (Ex. VAT)
    • Not registered
    • Up to £85k.
    • Less than two years old. Sole traders, new limited companies. 1-2 people, possibly sub-contracting. Transition from start-up to profitability. Not enough customers. Day-to-day financial control. Hiring first member of staff and/or sub-contracting work. General business know-how.
  • Challenger
    £300 Per Month (Ex. VAT)
    • Registered
    • Less than £500k.
    • At least two years old. Limited companies, occasionally sole traders. 2+ members of staff. Turnover flatlining. Profitability issues. Unscalable systems. Staff challenges. Some financial control, but could be improved. Succession planning. Commercial awareness.
  • Leader
    £400 Per Month (Ex. VAT)
    • Registered
    • More than £500k.
    • At least five years old. Limited companies or partnerships. 10+ members of staff. Inadequate financial control. Competitor threats. Ineffective marketing, and insufficient new business. Internal company politics. Business growth strategy lacking clarity.

Next Steps

If you are interested in growing your business and like the look of our services then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You are welcome to discuss your business challenges and ambitions with us, free of charge.



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